What we do

Adventure Dolomiti begins with you. We customize individual itineraries to meet the aspirations of each client. Our trips celebrate the spirit of exploration in the natural world paralleled by outstanding cultural experiences. 

We are the only boutique travel company based in the US that curates custom human-powered adventures in the South Tyrol Dolomites. We work with local guides to create authentic and sustainable treks powered by hiking, running, Via Ferrata, climbing, biking, cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing, and anything else you can do with two feet and a bit of gear. 

The McRoberts Family

The Dolomites were the highlight of 27 days in Europe for all of us. Even after we finished and were back to Hotel Trieste, we all agreed that those 5 days hiking were the best vacation days in our lives. Spectacular doesn’t even begin to describe it, and all of this you already know because you’ve done it. We’re very grateful for the trip that you put together for us, Sigi. Thank you for that!

Chelle & Baird

That was an amazing adventure, with amazing people, amazing historical relevance (of which I had known little), amazing vistas, amazing challenges and amazing food….one of my all time favorite times in my 6 decades….in large part because of you all.

Carroll & George

What I think about is how much fun we had on our Dolomite adventure! It was gorgeous; no matter where we hiked or drove or biked, the views and vistas were amazing. Even when the road seemed endless, we came over a crest and there was another incredible mountain range to inspire and amaze. 

Meet Sigi 

I founded Adventure Dolomiti because crafting self-powered adventure is what I I love to do, and after years of practice, I do it well. I am first and foremost a professional mountain guide, but my relationships with local guides and vendors rounds out a holistically epic mountain experience. For me, a great deal of personal joy comes from sharing the magic of the Dolomites to realize the dreams and expectations of our guests.