On my first day upon arrival in La Villa, I excitedly decided to hike up to the top of the Corvara Ski Area which is right across the street, the summit is called  Piz La Ila. The ski runs come right down to the quaint village of La Villa and near our hotel which is owned by the Varallo Family and former Italian Olympic downhiller Marcello Varallo. Hotel Ladinia is where we will base our 10 day hiking adventure and Piz La Ila is where the annual women super G is held in December.

Cows in a field in the Dolomites

With trekking poles in hand I excitedly started a swift pace up the manicured pathways of crushed dolomite rock. Low down on one of the early hairpin’s I came across these very happy milk cows. I had to stop. They were the most beautiful, happy cows I have ever seen. Chewing away on that lovely green grass, not a care in the world and bells clanging. It was simply magical, a backdrop out of fairytale picture book.
Later on I learned that the region is renown for its local cheeses and milk products. Each local farmer delivers vats of raw milk which in turn is picked up and taken to a central location for producing some of the finest delicious South Tyrollean cheeses imaginable. It all stays local, is organic and sustainably produced. I also learned that the fourth cutting of grass is the one most rich in herbal savor and produces the most sought out cheeses.