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A little bit about Muffy

Muffy has a vast library of international travel experiences including Nordic ski races, cycling trips, climbing trips, hiking trips and adventure racing- including Russia, Vietnam, most of Europe, Argentina, Africa, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and beyond.  She is an accomplished competitor through and through as well as coach, mentor and longstanding guide. She’s a people person, loves to try new things, loves to encourage others to challenge themselves, is energetic, and is a leader. Her winter job is being the Leader of the VAMPS- the largest and longest standing (18 years) Nordic ski program for women in the US. Currently, there are 150 Vamps on her roster and 12 accomplished coaches. As a former Nordic US Ski Team member, current 33 year member of Team Rossignol, 3 time Race Across America runner-up, and 2 X winner of the American Birkebeiner, Muffy knows what it takes to work hard, to have fun and to accomplish goals.  As she moves into new phases of her life, Muffy wants to share what she has loved doing over the last 40 years with others.  Although still a competitor, she encourages others to take on their own personal challenges, whatever they may be.

Why I love what I do

As a people person, I love to show others that they can be adventurous, have fun and challenge themselves in any way they want to. I choose to show this through sports and outdoor adventures! I’ve been challenging myself and adventuring all my life and as a competitor in many different sports, I’ve seen lots of the world through a racer’s eye. Slowing down and seeing the details is where I’m headed now. I just love being outdoors, experiencing what life has to offer. Come with me!


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