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  3. Extend and claim online while traveling
  4. Covers a range of adventure sports and activities
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7 reasons to buy World Nomads Travel Insurance for your holidays

Stay Safe this holiday season

Stay safe this holiday season by making sure that you are covered*. Read the following information from World Nomads to see how travel insurance can cover you:

  1. You plan to hit the slopes or brush up your dog sledding skills.Travel insurance from World Nomads aims to keep you traveling safely. It has been designed for adventurous travelers and provides cover for a range of winter adventure sports including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and dog sledding. Make sure you check the list of adventure sports covered before you buy a policy, to ensure sure you choose the plan that’s right for your trip.
  2. Your snowboard arrives in two pieces instead of one.If you are planning an active holiday, you’ll probably want to bring your gear. If your sporting equipment is damaged by the airline or stolen while travelling, travel insurance can help cover the cost to replace or repair it. Check the baggage conditions of the plan you choose and always keep your gear safe – it may not be covered if you leave it unattended outside the bar.
  3. Your hiking adventure ends in a sprained ankle (or all of that holiday family bonding leads to a coronary).Accidents happen when you least expect them to. With the travel insurance plans available from, you can be covered abroad for medical treatment of sudden and unexpected injuries or illnesses during your trip.
  4. The Grinch steals your iPod.Make sure your new holiday gadgets return home with you. High value items such as digital cameras, computers and other electronic equipment can be covered up to specific item limits if they’re stolen while traveling.
  5. Your suitcase filled with reindeer sweaters for the whole family goes missing.During the holiday travel rush, baggage is more susceptible to getting lost, stolen or damaged en route to your destination. If your bags don’t quite make the journey or are taking the scenic route with the airline, travel insurance can help you buy some essential items so you don’t have to turn your clothes inside out. Keep the receipts for those gifts – you’ll need them if they do go missing and you want to make a claim.
  6. Another volcano with an unpronounceable name prevents you from attending your 10 year ‘Hikers are Hellcats’ Reunion.If your trip is cancelled before you leave, or it’s interrupted after you’ve left, travel insurance can help reimburse the fees your travel agent, airline or hotel may charge you to cancel the parts of your trip you’ve already booked.
  7. You met someone special under the mistletoe.Had a change in plans? Continue the holiday merriment by extending your policy easily online through

Remember to take it easy on the eggnog this holiday season as the travel insurance from may not cover you if you’re being silly under the influence of alcohol.

*Please note that travel insurance plans from differ depending on your country of residence. To make sure the plan you choose is right for your holiday, please read the full description of cover and policy documents carefully for all the terms and conditions, including the sections on what’s not covered to make sure you understand the exclusions, conditions and limitations of cover.